The Vejlefjord Bridge – Vejlefjordbroen

With more than 50.000 cars and trucks passing every day, The Vejlefjord Brigde across The Bay of Vejle on east coast of Jutland is the most busy Danish highway bridge – so busy, that the bridge was expanded from two to three lanes in each direction a few years ago.

The Vejlefjord Brigde is not the most spectacular or architectonic interesting bridge in Denmark, but with its timeless and plain construction, it fore fills its mission by taking the huge amount of daily traffic away from the streets of Vejle. Until the opening of the bridge in 1980, all northbound and southbound traffic along the east coast of Jutland had to pass through the downtown area of Vejle on the former Highway 10 with almost daily congestion in the city as a natural consequence.

The steep hills on Highway 10 north and south of Vejle were also a challenge for the many drivers especially during the wintertime – while traffic jams often was an issue in the summertime. That all changed on the 1st of July 1980, when the new bridge was opened.

The timeless structure of the bridge is a result of concerns regarding, if the new bridge would destroy the natural beauty in the hilly and wooded landscape along the shores. Therefore a very neutral bridge structure was chosen. It didn’t give the city of Vejle a landmark bridge, but a straight, elegant bridge, which today still fits into the landscape without getting too much attention.

The Vejlefjord Bridge is actually the sixth longest bridge in Denmark, even though that it doesn’t feel quite that long. It consists of 15 bridge piers and 16 bridge sections, each with a length of 110 meters. The total length of the bridge is 1.712 meter – only five meters shorter than the fifth longest bridge in Denmark, The Sallingsund Bridge.

Besides it natural beauty, The Vejlefjord Bridge does also have a dark side: The bridge is from time to time scene for people trying to commit suicide. However surveillance cameras on the bridge and the newly expansion from two to three lanes of traffic on the bridge have made it quite difficult for people with suicide on the mind to complete their mission.

By Henrik Lange,
Photo: Henrik Lange

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