The Sallingsund Bridge – Sallingsundbroen

With 1.717 meters The Sallingsund Brigde (Danish: Sallingsundbroen) connects the island of Mors with the peninsula of Salling in the north western part of Denmark. The bridge is the fifth longest bridge in Denmark and appears on the 50 kroner note from The Danish National Bank.

The Sallingsund Bridge is a stylish and elegant bridge across the western part of Limfjorden, the sound that separates the main part of Jutland from the regions of Vendsyssel and Thy north of Limfjorden. Mors is the biggest island in Limfjorden, and do have quite a few attractions, among them the flower and amusement park, Jesperhus.

The Sallingsund Bridge was constructed from 1973 to 1978, and the completion establish a vital connection to the main part of Jutland for the people living on Mors, who until then had to take the two ferries, Pinen (Danish: The Pain) and Plagen (Danish: Bother) across Limfjorden, to get to the main land of Jutland. In 1976 no less than one million passengers and half a million vehicles was taken across Limfjorden on the two ferries.

Besides The Sallingsund Bridge itself, the connection across the island of Mors (part of Highway 26 from Århus to Hanstholm on the west coast of Denmark) also consist of a 400 meter long inland bridge, taking Highway 26 across The Legind Lake.

On the west coast of Mors, The Vilsund Bridge completed in 1939, takes Highway 26 from Mors to the region of Thy on the north side of Limfjorden – north of the main part of Jutland.

By Henrik Lange,
Photo: Henrik Lange

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