The Oresund Bridge – Øresundsbroen

The Oresund Bridge (Danish: Øresundsbroen) connects Denmark and Sweden from Copenhagen to Malmo over the Oresund Sound. The bridge, which both support the motorway and the railway between Denmark and Sweden opened on the 1st of July 2000, and has resulted in a much closer relationship between Denmark and Sweden with plenty of people going to work by train from Sweden to Copenhagen every day.

The connection consist of the high cable-stayed bridge over Flinterenden used by the international ship traffic through Oresund, two connecting bridges plus a tunnel from the artificial island of Peberholm (build specially for the connection) to the Danish island Amager, just west of Downtown Copenhagen. The motorway is located on the “top floor” of the high bridge, while the trains use “the second floor” right below the motorway deck. Crossing the bridge is most impressing by car, while the train ride only provides limited views over the Oresund Sound. The total length of The Oresund Bridge and the tunnel is 15,4 kilometres.

Just like The Great Belt Bridge, The Oresund Bridge is a toll bridge. The toll plaza is located in Lehrnacken on the Swedish side. Crossing the bridge in a standard passenger car costs 295 DKR – or 40 EUR (2011).

Car traffic on The Oresund Bridge was quite light in the first years. But now the amount of cars crossing the bridge have picked up, especially after the toll rates was lowered and discounts was introduced to frequent crossers.

The amount of train passenger using the bridge has been extremely high since the opening of the bridge – thanks to the location of the new railway station right next to Copenhagen Airport. Many people from the southern parts of Sweden now use Copenhagen Airport, when flying out Sweden.

Going across The Oresund Bridge is not the only way to get from Denmark to Sweden. Another connection is the ferry route from Elsinore to Helsingborg in Sweden.

By Henrik Lange,
Photo: Sund & Bælt

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