The New Little Belt Bridge – Den ny Lillebæltsbro

In 1970, Denmark got its first suspension bridge, when The New Little Belt Bridge (Danish: Den ny Lillebæltsbro) opened between Jutland and Funen. The bridge was build to relieve The Old Little Belt Bridge from 1935, which had become a bottleneck for the car traffic between Jutland, Funen and Zealand. From two lanes on The Old Little Belt Bridge, Danish car drivers were suddenly spoiled with six lanes on the motorway across The New Little Belt Bridge.

The New Little Belt Bridge is 1,7 kilometres long from coast to coast. The free span between the two pylon towers is 600 meters – while The Great Belt Bridge has a free span on 1.600 meter. However, The New Little Belt Bridge is still quite impressive and photogenic, when seen from the harbour of Middelfart, the old market town on Funen, which used to be the old harbour city, before The Old Little Belt Bridge from 1935 was completed. Actually, both bridges can be seen from the harbour front in Middelfart.

The “new” bridge carries motorway E20 across Denmark from Esbjerg to Copenhagen, and its toll free to pass. The bridge is hardly ever closed, not even when the winter storms hits Denmark.

The amount of traffic crossing The New Little Belt Bridge have been increasing lately, so therefore a debate is going on, whereas a third bridge across The Little Belt should be build – maybe right next to the present New Little Belt Bridge. But other locations are also possible.

The trains between Jutland, Funen and Zealand are still using The Old Little Belt Bridge with its two tracks, which is currently enough for the present amount of train traffic across Denmark.

By Henrik Lange,
Photo: Henrik Lange

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