Odden-Ebeltoft ferry – ferries from Zealand to Jutland

The ferry route from the tip of narrow peninsula of Zealand (Danish: Sjællands Odde) to Jutland, known as Odden-Ebeltoft, can be shortcut, when going from Copenhagen to Jutland. The route is operated by Mols-Linien, which uses fast ferries to cross the waters of Kattegat.

The crossing time across Kattegat is 45 minutes on the Odden-Ebeltoft route. The catamaran ferries can carry regular passenger cars only, but no trucks or trailers. The ferry route from Odden to Ebeltoft is part of highway 21, which crosses Denmark from Copenhagen to Randers on an east-western route.

Taking the ferry from Odden to Ebeltoft can be an alternative to using The Great Belt Bridge and drive across Funen. However, be aware of that the fact, that the amount of departures from Odden to Ebeltoft are very limited outside the summer season.

Mols-Linien also operates a ferry route from Odden to Aarhus, which can be an alternative, if the Odden-Ebeltoft route is not operated.

Another way to get across Kattegat by ferry is the ferry route from Kalundborg to Aarhus, which was operated by Mols-Linien until 2011. The route has now been taken over by ferry company Kattegat-ruten. Kalundborg-Aarhus is mostly a freight route, but do also provide transportation for passenger cars and walking passengers.

Mols-Linien has recently acquired a new big ferry, which will be set into operation in beginning of May 2012 on the Odden-Aarhus route.

Facts on Odden-Ebeltoft ferry:
Ferry Company: Mols-Linien
Crossing time: 45 minutes
Meeting time before departure – passenger cars: 10 minutes
Meeting time before departure – walking passengers: 15 minutes

Address on the ferry terminal in Odden:
Oddenvej 388
4583 Sjællands Odde

Address on the ferry terminal in Ebeltoft:
Færgevejen 60
8400 Ebeltoft

Reservation by phone:
(+45) 70 10 14 18

By Henrik Lange, Highways-Denmark.com
Photo: Mols-Linien