The Faroe Bridge – Farøbroerne

The Faroe Bridge (Danish: Farøbroerne) is a unique bridge connection between Zealand and the island of Falster, connecting Zealand with two major islands Lolland and Falster south of Zealand. The name Faroe (Danish: Farø) comes from the little island, which is used as a landing point between the two bridges.

The Faroe Bridge connection consists of the two bridges: A low bridge between Zealand and Farø over the little sound Kalvø and the very photogenic tall bridge between Farø and Falster across Storstrømmen that separate Zealand from Falster. On the island of Farø there is a rest area, where you have great views over The Faroe Bridge.

Before The Faroe Bridge was opened in June 1985, The Storstrom Bridge from 1937 was the only bridge connection between Zealand and Falster. The Storstrom Bridge is still the main connection for the rail traffic between Zealand and Lolland-Falster.

There is no toll for using The Faroe Bridge that takes motorway E47 from Copenhagen to Rødby on Lolland, where you can take the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry to Germany and head on for Hamburg. The motorway across The Faroe Bridge is also numbered E55, that continues to Gedser, the southernmost point in Denmark. From Gedser you can take the ferry from Gedser to Rostock in the eastern part of Germany, and head on for Berlin or other destinations in Eastern Europe.

It’s also possible to take Exit 42 at Faro and head on for the island of Møn. From the neighbouring island of Bogø right next to Farø, a little car ferry in the summertime is sailing from Bogø to Stubbekøbing, an old market town on the north coast of Falster. Between Møn and Zealand, the beautiful two lane bridge Queen Alexandrines Bridge from 1943 is connection Zealand with Møn.

By Henrik Lange,
Photo: Henrik Lange

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