Inspiration and travel tips to Denmark

Hotels and hotel chains in Denmark

You can find more than 1.000 hotels across Denmark – from luxury hotels in the city centres to more simple, humble but still comfortable hotels on the countryside. However, you can also find five star hotels far away from the major cities. Hotels in Denmark are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 stars, […]

Inns in Denmark on the countryside

Old inns sitting along the Danish highways are still a common sight in Denmark, and many of the old inns are so called “royal privileged” and where specially appointed by the King of Denmark to take care of people on the road. These inns did have certain fordele, compared to inns, which was not appointed […]

Spodsbjerg-Tårs ferry – ferries from Langeland to Lolland

The Spodsbjerg-Tårs ferry connects the southern regions of Denmark divided by The Great Belt. The ferry from Spodsbjerg on the island of Langeland makes it possible to take a shortcut from Funen to Lolland and Falster and further on to Zealand or Germany. Crossing The Great Belt from Spodsbjerg to Tårs – or the opposite […]

Bøjden-Fynshav ferry – ferries from Funen to South Jutland

The ferry route from Bøjden on the west coast of Funen to Fynshav on the island of Als, makes it possible to take a shortcut from Funen to South Jutland and Germany – without having to drive across The Little Belt Bridge. When choosing the Bøjden-Fynshav ferry, you can save about an hour, compared to […]

Odden-Aarhus ferry – ferries from Odden to Aarhus

Going from Copenhagen to Aarhus in East Jutland by car can be done via The Great Belt Bridge or by ferry from the tip of the narrow peninsula of Zealand (Danish: Sjællands Odde). From Odden, Mols-Linien operates a ferry route from Odden to Aarhus – as well as a ferry route from Odden to Ebeltoft […]

Odden-Ebeltoft ferry – ferries from Zealand to Jutland

The ferry route from the tip of narrow peninsula of Zealand (Danish: Sjællands Odde) to Jutland, known as Odden-Ebeltoft, can be shortcut, when going from Copenhagen to Jutland. The route is operated by Mols-Linien, which uses fast ferries to cross the waters of Kattegat. The crossing time across Kattegat is 45 minutes on the Odden-Ebeltoft […]

Frederikshavn-Gothenburg – ferries Frederikshavn to Gothenburg

The ferry route from Frederikshavn in North Jutland to Gothenburg in Sweden is one the most trafficked ferry routes from Denmark to Sweden. The crossing time is 3 hours and 15 minutes by regular ferry, but the crossing can be done in 2 hours, when taking the catamaran ferry, used on the Frederikshavn-Gothenburg route in […]

Elsinore–Helsingborg – ferries Elsinore to Helsingborg, Sweden

Scandlines is running the ferry route from Elsinore to Helsingborg in Sweden (Danish: Helsingør-Helsingborg). The ferry departs every 20 minutes and the crossing time is limited to 20 minutes. Actually, there are always four ferries sailing between Elsinore and Helsingborg in the daytime, making it pretty easy to catch a ferry, when ever you need […]

Grenaa-Varberg – ferries from Grenaa to Varberg, Sweden

The Grenaa-Varberg ferry is a shortcut from the eastern and central part of Jutland to Sweden across Kattegat to the city of Varberg, located 70 kilometres south of Gothenburg. Because of the quite long sailing distance, the crossing time is 4 hours and 15 minutes.       The Grenaa-Varberg route is operated by the […]

Kalundborg-Samsø ferry – ferries from Kalundborg to Ballen

The island of Samsø right between Zealand and Jutland is connected with the Danish mainland with two ferry routes: One from Zealand and one from Jutland. The route from Zealand departs from Kalundborg and arrives in the small city of Ballen on the east coast of Samsø. Ferry reservation Kalundborg-Samsø – online booking The crossing […]